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Guatemala Huehuetenango

 Finca Isnul in La Democracia.  Growing altitude 1500 - 1900m. Plant varietal Caturr...

Details $17.95

Hario v60 Dripper

Hario v60 white ceramic Dripper

Details $35.00

Hario v60 Range Server

Hario v60 glass Range Server 600mL

Details $40.00

Italian Roast

Our darkest roast available. Freshly roasted and pre-packaged. Sold in 1 lb. bags.

Details $17.95

Jasmine Pearl Tea

A delicate and delicious green tea. Price per 1/4 lb.

Details $25.00

Masala Chai

Our homemade masala chai blend. Price per 1/4 lb.

Details $12.00

Mexican Oaxaca

A very rich and very full-bodied coffee with dark chocolate notes.  Stands up well t...

Details $18.95