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Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans 

Mexican Oaxaca

A very rich and very full-bodied coffee with dark chocolate notes.  Stands up well t...

Details $18.95

Sumatra Lake Toba Samosir Honey Processed

Honey processed. Lake Toba Samosir area.  Freshly roasted and prepacked in 1 lb. bags.

Details $21.95

Tanzania Peaberry

Fully Washed peaberry. Freshly roasted and pre-packaged. Priced per 1 lb.  Good citr...

Details $23.95

Uganda Natural

2018 Bronze & Silver Medals in the Golden Bean North America Roaster's Competiti...

Details $24.95

Yemen Mocca Haimi

Dry processed. Light-bodied and hints of dried fruit.  Excellent for pour-over coffe...

Details $29.95