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We offer pastries delivered fresh daily.

Daily Menu

Freshly Brewed Coffee

Drip coffee (ask for current offering)
Custom Pour Over (choose any bean for freshest cup possible)
Café au lait (coffee with steamed milk and foam)
French Press (Dine-in only)
Syphon Pot (Dine-in only)

Hot Tea Beverages

Tea (choose from our selection of specialty full-leaf teas)
Chai Latte (micro-brewed with steamed milk)

Traditional Style Espresso

with two shots, served in ceramic cups

Espresso (rich and intense, the essence of coffee, freshly ground and pulled to order)
Americano (rich espresso pulled over hot water produces a very sweet cup)
Cappuccino (equal portions of rich espresso, steamed milk and velvety foam)
Macchiato (rich espresso topped with velvety steamed milk foam)
Cortado (servied in Gibraltar glass)

Espresso Beverages

Latte (rich espresso with steamed milk and velvety foam)
Breve (a latte made with half-and-half)
Mocha (rich espresso, sweet chocolate and steamed milk topped with freshly whipped cream)

Blended Ice Beverages

Café Freeze (rich espresso and milk, blended and topped with freshly whipped cream)
Chai Latte Freeze (micro-brewed chai and ice)
Fruit Smoothies: Mango, peach, strawberry, strawberry-banana, wildberry
Iced Coffee (24-hour cold-brewed)
Iced Latte (our rich espresso and chilled milk)
Iced Mocha (a chilled mix of rich espresso, smooth chocolate and milk, topped with freshly whipped cream)
Iced Chai Latte (choice of micro-brewed chai over ice)
Iced Tea (steeped daily from premium leaf tea)
.5 & .5 (iced tea and lemonade)

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