Easy Infusing Guide for Loose Leaf Teas

  • There are many ways to prepare loose leaf teas. Let your own palate guide you. If you can boil water, you can make great tea.
  • Use cooler (less than boiling) water to prepare green and white teas; water that is too hot will cook the tea leaves making them taste astringent and bitter.

  • Boiling water is preferred but not a must for making oolong tea, black tea, pu-erh, flowering tea and herbal infusions. Use water that’s about 200 °F.

  • Always use good bottled spring water or filtered water, never distilled.

  • Tea leaves can expand to 10 times their original size - a large infuser is optimal for best flavor.

  • If possible, use a timer - a little extra time can turn your tea bitter.

  • All of our teas can be steeped 2 or more times; add approximately 30 seconds to each subsequent infusion.

  • Store loose tea in an airtight canister. Keep in a cool, dry location protected from light.

Tea variety Water temp.  Infusion time Quantity of tea per 8 to 12 oz cup*
White tea 175 °F 3-4 minutes 1 tablespoon
Green tea 180 °F 2-3 minutes 1 teaspoon
Oolong tea 205 °F 3 minutes 1 tablespoon
Black tea 205 °F 4 minutes 1 teaspoon
Pu-erh tea 205 °F 3-4 minutes 1 tablespoon
Herbal infusion 205 °F
5-6 minutes 1 tablespoon

*It is best to use more tea when steeping larger tea leaves. Try starting with 2 teaspoons of larger tea leaves. For iced tea, double the amount of tea leaves, infusing twice the quantity of tea. Then cut with equal amounts of cool or cold water and ice.

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